Our vision, our mission

Our vision

To reinvent tyre recycling: transform the scrap tyre into a valuable and sustainable resource.

Our mission

To build profitable, sustainable and global solutions for the collection, processing and recycling of scrap tyres by developing and implementing innovative technologies and business processes.


Key figures

Global urgency to deal with dumping sites of scrap tyres: they are a major source of global pollution for the environment and the ocean flora.

Illegal dumping of tyres is a serious threat to public health through the release of chemicals and pollutants into surrounding soil, groundwater and rivers.

When burned, tyres release thick black smoke releasing toxic substances such as dioxin and furans, harmful to human health and more generally to the environment.

From a natural raw material to a polluting scrap tyre


The value chain in tyre recycling industry is not only negative but also very fragmented. The situation is even more critical in the developing countries, leading to highly inefficient processes and a dramatic impact on the environment.

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New value creation process

Circular Economy

trs t-cut™ & collect

Cut tyres in 3 flat parts

The trs t-cut™ machine cuts passenger vehicle and light truck tyres into 3 flat parts in 30 seconds : 2 sidewalls and 1 tread. The trs t-cut™ machine has been developed to bring the following advantages to the collection and transportation of scrap tyres :

  • Scrap tyre storage space saving: 3 times more tyres in the same storage space.
  • Standardized packing system; new pallets developed by TRS, specifically adapted for the flat tyre parts, increase the ease and speed of loading/unloading of tyres.
  • 65% reduction in scrap tyre transportation cost through the reduction of space used by tyres.

trs water pulse™

Ultra high-pressure water jet

TRS uses ultra high-pressure water jet to recycle end-of-life tyres by yielding three high quality products :

  • High quality rubber powders
  • Clean steel wire
  • Synthetic short fibers

The water jet technology enables TRS to:

  • Pulverize the rubber into fine powder, in sizes that would normally require multiple steps using other technologies.
  • Separate completely the rubber from the synthetic fiber and steel wires.
  • Room temperature processing : no thermal alteration of the existing high quality rubbers.
  • Avoid any chemicals or abrasives in the water during water jet.

Key rubber powder characteristics:

  • Rubber powder from ELT (end-of-life tyre) with grades extending from 50 microns to 1 mm.
  • Clean, contamination-free.
  • High surface area and absence of thermal alteration of rubber due to the innovative low-temperature water jet milling process.
  • The rubber powders can be surface devulcanized by the Biodevulc™ process without any secondary cleaning.

trs biodevulc™ trs TyreXol™

Biological surface devulcanization for rubber powders

TRS has developed a proprietary surface devulcanization process based on the action of bacteria to treat rubber powders coming from scrap tyres trs biodevulc™.

TyreXol™ is a high quality surface devulcanized rubber powder with the following characteristics :

  • Black rubber powders from scrap tyres with particle sizes from 50 microns to 1mm.
  • Biodevulc™ is used to treat TyreXol™ using bacteria, no harmful chemicals.
  • Unique capacity of TyreXol™ to bond with rubber compounds during re-vulcanization; for reintroduction into rubber goods.
  • Bacterial treatment reduces tyre odor allowing for odor-sensitive applications.
  • Low carbon footprint: very green production methods.

The Biodevulc™ process:

  1. Vulcanized rubber powder is mixed with proprietary bacteria cultured by TRS (Class 1).
  2. Devulcanization occurs in an industrial bioreactor by continuous mixing of bacteria solution and rubber powder. The bacteria remove the sulfur bonds from the surface of the vulcanized rubber powder.
  3. Surface devulcanized rubber powder trs TyreXol™ is drained, dried, packaged and shipped to clients for use as a new valuable raw material.

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